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Set on the Chattahoochee River, Lee collaborated with K2 Construction to fully renovate and redesign a master suite that includes a master bedroom, luxurious bathroom, custom closet, and secondary bath. The foyer, family room, dining room and back patio were also updated with new, more contemporary furnishing while still paying respect to the more traditional style of the house.


Sarah Dorio

Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0555_res (2).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0613_res (5).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0627_res (6).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0669_res (7).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0520_res (1).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0683_res (11).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0682_res (10).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0690_res (14).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0680_res (8).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0685_res (13).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0681_res (9).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0799_res (25).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0710_res (21).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0693_res (1).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0745_res (23).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0747_res (24).jpg
Lee_Kleinhelter_IMG_0717_res (22).jpg

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